House Rules

CLEAN HOME Program: Use of UltraViolet-C (UV-C) Disinfection/Sterilization Lamps to effectively eradicate up to 99% of all airborne and surface viruses/bacteria

CLEAN HOME Program: We use UltraViolet-C (UV-C) with Ozone (O3) generating Disinfection-Sterilization Lamps during daily room cleaning and housekeeping as an essential process of our wholistic CLEAN HOME Program. UV-C light with Ozone effectively eradicates 99% of airborne and surface viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, molds and mites, combined with more thorough wipe-downs using Lysol/chlorine bleach of frequently touched surfaces like door knobs, switches, handles, remote controls, table tops, arm & back rests on chairs, hand rails and other high-touch areas. Lysol or chlorine bleach is also applied to the sanitation mats at the pensione entrance and all floor mops during regular mopping throughout each day.


In compliance with the National and Local Governments' latest executive orders, resolutions, guidelines and protocols issued by the IATF, DOLE, DTI, DOH and LGU to implement Minimum Public Health Standards to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Welcome Home Pensione is implementing the following House Rules effective 18 May 2020 BEFORE allowing guests to enter the premises and check in:

  • MANDATORY VISITOR HEALTH SCREENING which includes COVID-19 symptoms checking, travel history and QR code contact tracing. As of 08 JUNE 2021, Tacloban City local government issued Executive Order 2021-06-024 requiring all guests to present a NEGATIVE RT-PCR or Saliva or Rapid Antigen Test Result taken not later than at least 3 days prior to check-in. All guests are required to complete the Visitor’s Health Checklist form also upon check-in. Our staff will check each guest for their Body Temperature which must not be more than 37.4 degrees Celsius. If any visitor exhibits possible COVID-19 symptoms such as high fever, dry cough, colds, difficulty in breathing, constant body pains and have recent travel history (within the last 2 weeks) to ECQ/MECQ areas within the Philippines or travelled to high risk countries as per WHO/DOH/DFA classification, or had recent personal close proximity contact (within the last 2 weeks) with confirmed infected COVID-19 persons BEFORE check-in, we reserve the right to refuse entry/check-in and will immediately refer the guest to government health authorities for appropriate medical care and handling.

  • WEAR PROTECTIVE FACEMASK before being allowed entry and whenever staying within the common areas inside the pensione premises (No Facemask, No Entry Policy as per Tacloban City LGU Ordinance No. 2020-14-07). Common areas within the pensione include front office, hallways, lounges, garden, cottage and balconies.

  • SANITIZE SHOES/SLIPPER SOLES on the sanitation mats provided outside the front office door prior to entry.

  • WASH/SANITIZE HANDS FREQUENTLY. Alcogel dispensers have been placed at the front desk and other strategic areas throughout the pensione. Soap bars/liquid soap dispensers are provided in the wash basins of common lavatories.

  • OBSERVE PHYSICAL DISTANCING of at least 1-meter in all common areas (front office, ground floor lounge, garden area and hallways inside the pensione premises.

  • MINIMIZE DIRECT HAND-TO-HAND CONTACT using the provided item baskets at the front desk for handling cash, room keys, ID's, cards and documents between guests and our receptionists. Contactless payment using PayMaya QR Code is now available as well as direct online bank transfer to our official business bank account.

  • IMPLEMENT CLEAN HOME PROGRAM, started last February 2020 as part of our pensione's Business Continuity Plan (BCP). CLEAN HOME is our commitment to ensure a clean, caring and safe stay for both our guests and our pensione staff during the ongoing COVID-19 health situation.

  • NEW 3:00PM CHECK-IN TIME to allow sufficient time for our housekeeping to implement our CLEAN HOME Program. Check-out time is still at 12:00PM (noon).

We reserve the right to refuse entry/check-in and are required to report to government authorities any guest who does not pass or refuses to comply with the government mandated screening protocols and minimum public health standards. We shall update these rules based on the latest directives from government authorities and best practices as the need arises.

We request for your understanding and utmost cooperation for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. We are all in this together.


From the management and staff of Welcome Home Leyte Holdings Inc.